Shawna Anderson

Hello! My name is Shawna Anderson and I am beyond excited to be a new ambassador for FWD!!

I live in Superior, Wisconsin on the shores of the Big Lake and I love to get outside and enjoy the area in all weather. I moved here almost five years ago and that is when Santa left my Specialized Fatboy under the tree, I never looked back.

I am by no means an athlete, I am very much a middle-aged woman with the body to go with it, but I love getting out in the fresh air and spending time with friends taking in the scenery. I was fortunate to be able to assist at a women’s mountain bike clinic in Duluth this spring and I realized a couple big things: 1- I LOVE to ride and the teacher in me loves to encourage/cheer/celebrate getting other women on bikes 2- It can be intimidating to enter the bike world with so much vocabulary, lingo and mechanical ‘stuff’. I want to see more ‘beginner friendly’ activities to ease women into the activity.

My goal as an FWD ambassador is to bring together women of all levels and types to have fun and ride! Can’t wait to see you on the trail!

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