Patty Kotecki

I have been riding dirt for 20+ years. I've had the chance to share my love of mountain biking with women in multiple ways throughout this time. My introduction to women's developmental riding was as a mountain bike ride leader/ instructor for a field studies program at community college. For the last three years, I’ve been involved as a Bell Joy ride leader (primary focus: beginner and intermediate riders).

Last spring I took the NICA skills development clinic and attended a LIV Ladies All Ride clinic - both of which I used to improve my coaching technique this past season. More recently, I've joined the board of our local IMBA chapter (Capital Off Road Pathfinders) as the VP of Events with the objective to increase exposure/participation by women on our awesome network of trails.

Riding with other women has been awesome for me on so many levels. I've witnessed women challenge themselves, make new friends, and connect the confidence and empowerment they feel from riding to other aspects of their life. It has also helped me to learn and grow - both as a rider and a leader.

On a personal note -- riding with women has also helped to keep me balanced/sane/productive/going (seriously) when I lost my 20+ year riding partner to divorce this past year.

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