Meet Josie

Josie's biking journey started in June of 2012 after she purchased a used hybrid from Decorah Bicycles. Little did she know, that ducky upright bike would set her soul on fire.

Flash forward to a couple months later and completing her second bike purchase, it was settled: Josie was in love with cycling. Also, in love with the guy who sold her the bikes!

Travis introduced Josie to mountain biking in 2012, and it was a learning curve that Josie wasn't completely prepared for.

There was another introduction in late 2013 after a custom built Surly Krampus was made ready for off-road adventures. It wasn't until the winter months of 2013/early 2014 after fatbiking the Van Peenen Pines in Decorah with a couple of girlfriends, that Josie felt mountain biking was something she wanted to tackle head on.

The spring and summer season of 2014 is when Josie really took to mountain biking, spending hours and hours out on the trails either with Travis, her girlfriends, or by herself. The fact was- few women in Decorah mountain biked and that inspired Josie to do what she could to break down the barriers that she faced with mountain biking. If she could do so, then she knew other women could, too.
The confidence she gained from doing what she deemed "the impossible" set her on another mission: Fearless Women of Dirt.

After taking on a new job at Decorah Bicycles in 2015, Josie officially founded Fearless Women of Dirt in 2015. What started off as a local women's mountain bike group grew into a desire to provide a community format that could be adapted anywhere.
Since 2016 there has been a Fearless Women of Dirt group established in Canada. In 2017 Josie enlisted the first Fearless Women of Dirt Ambassadors- women located in the U.S. who are passionate about creating a community of rad women riders in their local areas. In 2018 the ambassador group expanded by 7.

The power of a bicycle truly changed Josie's life, and mountain biking did the same. Josie wanted to be able to provide a positive place for women riders of all experience levels to come together to learn, ride, and have the joy of creating camaraderie among one another. Because so many women are introduced to mountain biking in less-than-positive ways, Josie set out to change that by creating a women's ride group that is designed to provide a great experience for new and advanced riders alike.

Along with Fearless Women of Dirt, Josie created Josie's Bike Life- a literal online community encompassing riders of all styles and disciplines. With interviews featuring women in the cycling and biking community along with inspirational reads for those on the mountain biking journey. There is something for everyone and plenty of inspiration to be had!

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If you would like to feature Fearless Women of Dirt in a publication, please contact Josie:


  1. Hello just wondering can one put mountain dirt bike tires on any bike.Will be getting a bike like Amish in Kentucky can ride.Amish bike are like ones I grew up on.I have not ridden a bike since August 11th 2008 when I was struck by a ninty three year old retired attorney in Waukon,Iowa. I want tires with good tractiin so Can bike country roads to Waukon from Ossian and beyond.

    1. It completely depends on what you consider mountain bike tires. How wide? You will have the most flexibility if you purchased a mountain bike with 29" wheels. Not familiar with what kind of bikes the Amish use in Kentucky, so can't really answer specifically.

      Your best bet would be to visit a bike shop so you can see the different tire sizes/widths to determine what would make you feel the most confident when you're out riding.