Makenzie Nordschow

My name is Makenzie Nordschow. I'm just a spunky diesel junkie 24 year old assistant manager at O'Reilly Auto Parts in my lovely little hometown of Decorah, Iowa.
Most people that know me would describe me as a one-of-a-kind person. I have a huge heart, an open mind, a pretty hilarious sense of humor and a fun and wild free spirit. I am super excited to get more of us wicked awesome ladies out there on trails!

When it comes to riding I love going down hills the most! However, in order to get to the top you've gotta climb, and I'm still learning to like that part. Even with that, I love mountain biking and every time I've been out on a Fearless Women of Dirt ride I've gained more confidence! I'd love to get more women out on those trails and teach them how to be a bad ass mountain biker!

Oh and I forgot to mention I love beer, diesel trucks, and kitty cats.

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