Kristin Cleveland

I'm Kristin Cleveland and I have been mountain biking with my family of all boys for the past 13+ years. We love to mountain bike, but I often find myself wishing I could ride with women more. I rarely see women on the trails and would love to encourage more women to try mountain biking. While I am not a perfect rider and I have a lot to still learn, I absolutely love to ride single track trails and I love to wear purple!

Flowy and fast single track is what I love to ride! My family's (did I mention I have 3 sons + hubby who all ride) vacations are centered around riding our mountain bikes. There are times when I lack the confidence my boys have (gnarly rocky descents are my nemesis) and I would love to have more opportunity to ride with other women. To grow my skills, to teach what I have learned, to rejoice in triumphs, to grow the sport so I see more women riding dirt. I don't often run in to many women on the trails and I when I do, I feel that there is a unspoken respect for one another.

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