Jen Herrera

I have always loved spending time outside. Growing up, I was (literally) counting down the days until I could leave Iowa and move to the mountains, where I could play to my heart’s content. Clearly plans changed, and I now call Des Moines home.

 While I haven’t completely given up that dream, I have come to appreciate what Iowa has to offer, and mountain biking has been a huge part of that. Not only does it give me a reason to seek out the woods, but I have also found an incredible network of people that love being outside as much as I do. 
That connection—both with nature and with people—is a big part of what I want to share with other women as an ambassador.

That doesn’t mean I have always enjoyed mountain biking. When I first started, it was very much my husband’s sport and I was there to support him, no more. In fact, most of my initial biking memories are of near-crashes and meltdowns. I didn’t truly choose to mountain bike until the summer of 2018, and that is when I fell in love with the sport. I’m still working on improving a lot of skills, and have discovered the ultimate thrill of nailing a section that used to make me cry. That exhilaration and feeling that you can do anything is the other experience I would love to share with more women.

I am very excited to see more ladies starting to get involved—at group rides, in racing, as trail stewards, or just solo riders—and I look forward to riding with as many of you as I can in the future!

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