Melody Dosanjh

Mountain biking is a relatively new passion of mine. I moved to Dubuque, Iowa two years ago and quickly found TMBR, the local IMBA chapter. I was excited about the actions they were taking to build new trails, but at the time I was just a trail runner.

After learning more about their organization and seeing their passion for mountain biking, I decided to give a go. And let me tell you, I was terrible at it! I'm pretty sure I hiked-a-bike more often than riding the first time out on a borrowed bike.

The challenge to be able to legitimately ride the trails instead of walking them is what got me to buy my own bike and start a new chapter in my life.

Since then, I have become the Community Engagement Chair for TMBR, and started the Dirt Dames, a women's mountain biking group in the tri-state area. More than riding trails, what keeps me hooked on mountain biking is the incredible community. I've made so many wonderful, supportive friends in this community that I get to ride bikes with. I look forward to expanding the mountain biking community with FWD!

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