Amy Kotsonis

I'm involved in the biking community in the Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, as well as travel around to other local trails to ride. I'm a member of our local trail organization, started a women's weekly ride (we do dirt and road), and our women's ride also sponsors two of our local trails & takes care of all upkeep and maintenance. Through our local group, Spokes Women, we have many group rides - both women-only and sometimes co-ed. We try to encourage people to get out in the dirt with no-drop rides.

I love riding on dirt, and do enjoy challenging myself with more rugged and steep terrain - though Decorah still routinely kicks my butt! I love being out in the dirt - being in the woods, away from everything else - I feel like a new person, and I feel kind of badass sometimes, too. It's a huge stress reliever, too. I want other women to feel confident to try it, and to believe they can do it. The thrill, the fun, and very much the camaraderie of riding with others. If I can help someone else experience that, to lead them on trails they aren't familiar with, show them they don't have to be experts or fast, and how fun it can be.

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