Saturday, February 29, 2020

FWD Updates

It looks like Spring will be here before we know it, so fingers crossed for dry trails sooner than later! A couple of updates/items to note as we head into the 2020 riding season. 

#1. We do not have an official FWD Membership this year. The FWD sponsors have been informed that we are taking a break from the membership and it is entirely up to the discretion of the business on whether or not they are going to continue with the FWD discount at this time. 

FWD membership was for January 1st-December 31st 2019.

#2. Decorah Bicycles will still honor FWD pricing for bike rentals for folks joining a FWD Ride. $20.00+tax vs. $40.00+tax
No other discounts are planned at this time.

#3. Josie is planning to have a couple new-rider specific rides that would have riders working on basic handling skills and riding the River Trail loop. For those who are 100% new to mountain biking or have never joined a FWD ride, this would be an ideal time to join us for a ride! You will need to rent a mountain bike from Decorah Bicycles in order to participate if you do not have a legitimate mountain bike of your own. We will post as those rides happen.

#4. Wednesday/Sunday rides will be TBD. This may be a very busy work year due to lack of staff at Decorah Bicycles. Folks are always welcome to inquire about Josie's availability for a ride.

#5. Currently, the only FWD merchandise we have are FWD water bottles and FWD socks. Decorah Bicycles does not have any inventory of FWD jerseys and any reorders are not planned at this time. If we do so, we are likely going to go a different route and we will update as the decision is made. At this time, it is not conducive for us to get any jerseys made due to financial priorities.