Wednesday, October 3, 2018

October Updates

We are pleased to announce that we are adding two Fearless Women of Dirt Ambassadors to our lineup, both who will be creating FWD chapters in their areas. This means, not only are we expanding FWD into Chicago and Des Moines, but we will also have a total of 3 FWD chapters outside of Decorah!

FWD membership opens up on January 1st, with a minimum donation of $20.00 to be made to DHPT: Decorah Human Powered Trails. If you join FWD, you not only donate to our next trail system, but you also get some sweet perks!

Meet our newest Ambassadors!
Leah Barry
I love riding my bikes off-road! My love of dirt began as a little girl, and was reignited as an adult when I discovered cyclocross racing in 2015. After trying triathlon but discovering I really only liked the biking part, I competed in Afterglow, a late-season, casual race. I raced on my single-speed commuter, with a slick back tire, and despite wiping out in the mud (or because of it?) I fell in love. I love racing the Chicago Cyclocross Cup each fall, and competing in various gravel races such as Barry Roubaix and Rough Road 100, but had wanted a mountain bike for as long as I'd been riding. I decided this year would be the year I finally go for it, and ended up falling in love with the Jamis Dragonfly. On June 8, 2019, I plan to put my mountain bike and body to the test at the Sancho 200 in Traverse City, Michigan, riding 200 miles of scenic terrain. Until then, I'll enjoy my Dragonfly racing short track at Big Marsh Bike Park, riding the pump track, and hitting whatever trails I can throughout the Midwest. 
Aubrey Massmann
I’m 24 years old and a PNW mountain enthusiast currently transplanted to Des Moines, Iowa for medical school. Funny enough, I was introduced to mountain biking after moving to the Midwest. In retrospect, I have this funny belief that all things present themselves when we need them most, especially thrilling outdoor sports that require us to face our fears and better ourselves.

Five years ago, my father passed away suddenly after a long battle with illness. He had always been the driving force behind empowering messages; ‘be strong, be courageous, try your hardest, embrace the things that scare you’, etc. In the wake of his passing, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d really followed his advice. In fact, I really hadn’t at all. I had yet to push the limits of my comfort zone, try hard, or face fear. So, a week later, I signed up for a mountaineering course and purchased an ice axe, crampons, and a textbook about knots and crevasse rescue in hopes of honoring his memory.

Since then, I've found myself seeking more and more time in the wilderness in search of opportunities to grow in these ways. In hopes of sharing the empowering force that I discovered outside, I adopted the budding new Outdoor Recreation program at my college, led hikes, backpacking and climbing trips, and taught skills to students in my spare time.

Moving to Iowa last year, I feared I had left a part of myself behind and my connection with the outdoors would wither away. However, much to my surprise, I stumbled upon mountain biking and quite literally fell head over heels in love with it (learning to ride clipless has involved some pretty dorky crashes). My bike life is just beginning, but I’ve never enjoyed a sport more!

Also, we are going to collaborate with Ladies Who Shred and have a fun FWD/LWS mashup! Our skills days will be in support of Ladies Who Shred. Ladies Who Shred was created by Amy (who will be featured on Josie's Bike Life, soon!)

About Ladies Who Shred:
A community for ALL levels of Lady Shredders that encourages women (ALL sizes, ages, ethnicities, non-binary/femme, financial means and more) in adventure sports and the outdoors.

Trail Work Days
Keep your eyes peeled in 2019 as Fearless Women of Dirt will host a couple trail work days next year! These will be scheduled on a Tuesday or Sunday afternoon. Fixing some shoring to raking and picking up litter. We'll take a few hours to do something good, and then hit up Pulpit for refreshments after!

If you're wanting to help out with trail work before then, DHPT: Decorah Human Powered Trails will be having a work day on Sunday, October 7th starting at 11 a.m. For further details, go to

Be Involved
We highly encourage women to join in at our DHPT meetings that are (most times) held the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.
There are awesome things coming up, like NEW/EASY/FUN!!! mountain bike trails. Anyone can be involved and it would be awesome if more women were!
To be on the mailing list, send an email to
If you're unable to make the meetings, you will receive meeting minutes. 

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