Friday, June 22, 2018

June/July Updates

It's been a continuous catch up in life right now, and I'm grateful and appreciative of the folks who have been so understanding. There has been a lot on my plate with the estate, and the amount of cleanup that is required. It has drastically limited my availability for rides, which is a frustration, but at the same time it's simply a fact of life.

I was able to take a reprieve from estate-duties and was able to spend time with fellow FWD Ambassador, Amy and some friends from out of town. It was awesome! Granted, our ride was short due to rain, but we still had fun. It was awesome to connect with women from a different riding community to bond over biking.

At the time of posting, we have a total of 21 FWD Members! Awesome!
I would say our biggest challenge this year has been getting folks interested in our Mother/Son rides. Unfortunately, at this time, there won't be plans for Mother/Daughter rides due to Tuesdays being one of my prime days for dealing with estate stuff.

We tried to have parents register for these rides, but that didn't work out the best. We created Facebook events, but in true fashion, it's never certain who will really show up or not. We sent out a schedule of rides to our email list, but it didn't result in any communication either way (attending or no.)

Due to this, we have FWD Ambassadors showing up for rides with no one attending. We all have busy lives, but for us to offer rides, we need to have enough folks vested in participating to make it worth our time for hosting weekly events.

So, we have created a survey to help us with planning for the 2019 riding season with FWD Mother/Daughter/Son rides. We ask that if there is any interest at all in participating, that you fill out the survey. This will help us figure out what route will be best to take for setting these rides up next season- be a weekly option or a once-a-month option.

At this point, we still plan to have a FWD Women's Night event in August- why not celebrate the community of women mountain bikers? That date is Tuesday, August 28th. We'll see about having a ride prior to the event. If we do, plan a 5 p.m. start time for the ride and the social time to start at 7 p.m.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info!