Saturday, February 24, 2018

March Updates

Who is ready for riding outdoors? I know I certainly am! With the lack of favorable riding conditions, things have been going in full planning mode.

We are going to have a busy season this year with different events and rides- we're stoked! This means there will be even more opportunities for riding, engaging with other riders, and learning more things.

Deadline for ordering your Fearless Women of Dirt jersey is March 11th. We highly encourage anyone who is looking to own a sleeveless FWD jersey to order through the store as Decorah Bicycles is not planning to carry sleeveless FWD jerseys at this time.

Decorah Bicycles has fresh stock of *new* Decorah Bicycles and Fearless Women of Dirt socks! $11.95 and you can mix/match the pairs if you're feeling spunky. We have S/M and L/XL options available for both styles. Super cool secret message on the bottom of the FWD socks!

Tuesday, March 13th we are having a women's clinic that is co-hosted by Decorah Bicycles and Specialized Bicycle Company. This will be a mini-maintenance clinic where you'll learn how to fix a flat and common things to do to make sure your bike is in good working order. We'll also discuss our FWD rides, the upcoming Triathlon 101, shoes/pedals, and other accessories that can make riding more enjoyable. The event is free, but you must register as there are limited spots available.

Decorah Bicycles will be hosting a Tri 101 discussion with local triathletes geared towards women on Sunday, March 25th. The event will be held from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and will be an educational format in which folks who are curious about Triathlons to come and ask questions. We know this isn't an off-road specific event, but there has been increased talk/interest in the triathlon scene in Decorah. We see this as a way of partnering up with folks who are involved and being able to talk about cross-training opportunities that can be had with riding off-road.

April 1st is when the Fearless Women of Dirt membership officially opens. $20.00 cash or check donation to DHPT: Decorah Human Powered Trails will give you awesome perks for the 2018 riding season! We are super excited to be working with the local businesses who are providing perks for members. It's greatly appreciated!

Your donation to DHPT: Decorah Human Powered Trails will be super important as they will start groundwork for new trails this year! We will share and discuss more details about the new trail system during our FWD Women's Night. These new trails will provide an excellent opportunity for new riders and youth to have fun on the dirt.

Tuesday, April 24th is the first Fearless Women of Dirt Women's Night of the season! Please register by clicking "going" or send an email to so we can have an estimate on those attending. We'll have some fun samples from doTERRA and Shaklee available along with door prizes from local FWD supporters and Specialized Bicycle Company!

We will be opening up registration for our Mother/Kid rides on Tuesday, April 24th during our Women's Night. There will be FWD Mother/Daughter rides and FWD Mother/Son rides. You can register for as many/few rides as you like. We will have ride waivers available for you to fill out or take home.

Experience level: Child has been able to ride a bike w/out assistance for a year and age range approx. 5-14ish

We are still hammering out details as to how many adults/kids we should have attend. If we have other moms join who are familiar with riding off-road, that might increase the # of participants we can handle. Figure 5 moms to 5-6 kids, depending of a mom has multiple children who would want to participate. Big thing is we ideally would like 1 adult to 1-2 kids and hopefully a fellow FWD volunteer to assist!

If you do not have kids and are interested in volunteering with our FWD Mother/Kid rides, send an email to

We will not be charging a fee for those attending these rides, but we will be accepting free-will donations to DHPT: Decorah Human Powered Trails towards the construction of a new trail system that will be more new-rider friendly and NICA compliant.

Decorah Time Trials is scheduled to be on Saturday, April 28th! This is a race-style event, but all are welcome to attend or spectate. There are plans to have a shorter course, which will be excellent for those looking to get their feet wet with their first event along with youth.

Travis and Josie also plan to host a couple mini skills clinics that will go over the basics of bike handling. The plan is to have one in May and one in June. Currently they are in the finalizing stages of the day/time setup. The topics will include how to properly brake, how to shift, how to climb/descend with your butt off the seat.

We have been asked about FWD Wednesday rides, and yes, they are definitely happening! The first Wednesday ride will be Wednesday, May 2nd leaving from Decorah Bicycles as close to 6 p.m. as possible.

You can see our regularly scheduled rides here. (Including dates for Mother/Kid Rides)
Rides hosted by our Ambassadors will be scheduled as they can- we will update our website and Facebook pages along with sending out an email to everyone on the FWD mailing list.

Don't forget! You can follow Fearless Women of Dirt on Instagram!

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