Friday, February 2, 2018

February Updates

We are looking forward to the upcoming months, that's for sure! Before you know it, the riding season will be in full swing! Until then, it's dreaming of dirt-covered singletrack vs. ice covered. Riding has been pretty minimal at this point, but we're hopeful that conditions will improve and we can hit the trails!

We will be using this website as a platform to share FWD business be it events, additional rides, ride cancellations, changes, etc. Consider it a newsletter that you don't have to sign up for!

If you would like direct-to-your-inbox updates for rides, cancellations, or events send your email to:

Team Store-
One big update for Fearless Women of Dirt is the re-opening of our Team Store through Borah Teamwear! Available this time is the option of ordering a full-zip, sleeveless or short sleeved Team Cut jersey. A sleeveless jersey option has been commonly requested, so now is your opportunity to get one!

You have until February 28th to place your order!

Borah Teamwear is based in Wisconsin, so very local. Plus they have great customer service and have been a blast to work with. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity for Team Store so we can more easily provide the FWD jersey.

Some of you may be looking at the Team Store and wondering "Where are the Freeride jerseys?!" Have no fear! You can order a Freeride Jersey directly from Decorah Bicycles. As of writing this post, there has been an order placed for more Freeride jerseys, so if we figure out what size you will be in search of, we can set one aside for you! We can also order additional sizes if needed. There will be a wait time, but if we order now you'll definitely have the jersey before prime riding season!
Do not hesitate to email: or message our Facebook page for further details.

Freeride jerseys cost $69.99 and it'll be $4.00 for shipping.

More news on the style front- we will soon have Fearless Women of Dirt socks from SockGuy! We are very excited for the opportunity to represent FWD not only on a jersey, but on wicked cool socks! We do not have any sneak peek images yet, but they will be themed to match well with our FWD jersey and Decorah Bicycles jersey. Decorah Bicycles socks are being made as well!

We will be working with Specialized Bicycles with a women's-only clinic that will be held on Tuesday, March 6th. We will release more details on our Facebook page when the event is finalized. There will be limited spots available for this clinic- you'll learn how to fix a flat, about group rides, and more! We are planning it to run from 6-8 p.m. Some details might change, so we'll keep you posted! We will update to the Decorah Bicycles page and Fearless Women of Dirt pages once we have details hammered out.

We are gearing up for our Fearless Women of Dirt membership that will be opening up officially on April 1st! We are very excited about this and we hope you will be, too. There are some GREAT perks that will come from your $20.00 cash or check donation to DHPT. Decorah Human Powered Trails is the group that builds and maintains our soft trails. (Soft Trails: off-road/mtb trails)

We will release more information as April draws closer. You can also get an in-person rundown of the membership if you join our FWD Women's Night on Tuesday, April 24th!

If you would be interested in being a Fearless Women of Dirt sponsor- please send an email to

We are thinking about additional FWD Women's Nights that would be used as general skill building either on bike or further knowledge on some mechanical aspects- flat fixes, helmets, flat pedals/shoes, etc. We will see what our summer schedule allows, but we are aiming to have more clinics in the fall/winter months. We will consider having a clinic of some sort in the summer season if there is enough interest!

One thing we are implementing this year is a straightforward start and end time for our Wednesday and Sunday rides in May-August. We'll start heading back to the shop at a set time, which should help us end either at or slightly before the "official" end time. We will do our utmost to be aware of the group and experience levels to ensure we can keep our schedule on point.

We currently have a survey open to see on interest for some additional morning rides for Fearless Women of Dirt along with Mother/Son rides. We would love your opinion!

We will have a post published before the riding season that will talk about tips and suggestions on making your group ride experience enjoyable!

Additional news-
You may have noticed that our Fearless Women of Dirt page has changed from FWD - Fearless Women of Dirt to just Fearless Women of Dirt.
#1. Easier to search for or explain to someone where to go.
#2. We purchased
#3. We're on Instagram as fearlesswomenofdirt

Also, the Fearless Women of Dirt group is no longer. All activity is on our Facebook Page.

Fearless Women of Dirt stickers exist! They are free at Decorah Bicycles, or if you live within the United States we can mail you a sticker. Woot!

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