Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Riding Pines East and West

Adventures with the GoPro! In this video, you'll be getting a view of two trails that we often recommend new riders to check out: Pines East and Pines West. These are two new-rider friendly trails that folks of all ages can go out and enjoy on bike. These are the two trails that helped me get comfortable with mountain biking, especially when I took the time to ride them during the winter months of 2013 into early 2014. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is more beautiful than riding the Pines trails in the winter time! Especially when snow still hugs the branches of the pine trees. Sometimes a breeze comes up and blows bits of snow off, and it looks like you're riding into Narnia or a magical fairy tale! 

When there is enough snow, the roots and crevices will be completely covered and filled in, making for a wonderfully smooth ride. I'll admit, the winter seasons seem to be changing for the midwest, and we haven't gotten much snow this year. What little we did made the pines beautiful, but I wouldn't say they made the trails completely smooth and bump-free. However, when riding a fatbike, you don't notice it as much. Riding in the snow, you'll be more focused on the experience vs. thinking about the roots. Especially when you see squirrels scurrying out of the corner of your eye! (Keep an eye on the trail, or you'll be like me and start going off-trail, ha!)

The Pines trails are located in Van Peenen Park
Read more about the off-road trails in Van Peenen.

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